About Us

Theoretical Novelty is a guild composed of diverse explorers and fighters. Our connections lie in how our paths have crossed over time as we’ve pursued our own unique goals and aspirations and have joined together often to bring down some of the greater evils of our world. When we take on tasks that we can’t handle on our own, we call on each other and seek out like-minded individuals who can assist us in getting the job done, no matter what the task at hand might be.

Whether our paths originally crossed in Zangarmarsh hunting Bog Lords, or in a bar in Dalaran, we have formed a group of friends and allies with whom we are now linked through a common desire to seek out adventure and see evil defeated. We are a diverse group that has stuck together because we are an effective group, despite our differences. We are a group with many little stories that make up a larger story of our mutual adventures.

((Theoretical Novelty is an Alliance guild on the Moon Guard server.
RP Style: Light to Moderate.
PvP Style: Optional. Player preference.
PvE/Raid Style: Moderate to heavy. We aim to be a skilled, casual 10 person raiding guild and to keep our membership small to cultivate that goal.))

Policies and Guidelines

Potential members will be brought into the guild for a trial period of one to two months. If after that time both you and we feel you’re a good fit for our raid team and guild, you’ll be promoted to a full member rank. During the trial period, you should be available for raids and will be expected to contribute to the guild bank to assist in the raiding efforts.

Alternate characters are welcome if your main character on the Moon Guard realm is already a member. You may bring in alts once you reach full member status. There is no limit to the number of alts you may have in the guild. Once you are a full member, if you have any unguilded alts, you can join the out-of-character (OOC) channel. But you must have good attendance on your main to raids, and other events.

New members will enter the guild at the rank of Hostler. You will be expected to contribute to the guild bank and the guild as a whole through raiding or other means. If after 1-2 months you and we both feel you are a good fit for the guild, you will be promoted.

Full member rank is Steward. You will have access to basic guild bank usage and repairs, as well as more authority on the forums and web site to post and create events.

Seneschal rank is currently only for founding members of the guild. In the future, we may consider promoting Stewards to Seneschal rank after a significant amount of time and dedication.  Seneschals may hold officer type positions such as leading raids, roleplay (RP) events, or other tasks.

Curators are the closest thing we have to officers. Their main purpose is to assist the guild leader in recruiting and with various administration tasks. Other than those two things, they are on par with the Seneschal rank.

Member Obligations
As a guild, we expect members to use good judgment, to be polite, and to help make the Moon Guard community a great place to play.

Members are expected to:
1. check the guild forums and webpage periodically, since most guild issues will be discussed there.

2. be helpful to fellow guild members and other players.
Remember what it was like to be new to the world or a class, too poor to pay for training, or stumped by a hard quest. Please try to help out when you can.

3. be respectful and considerate of fellow guild members and have the same expectation that they will do so for you.

4. conduct themselves with diplomacy and tact when interacting with other denizens of Moon Guard in-game and on the Moon Guard forums.
This includes the other faction.

Members are never expected to power-level a guild member, give them things, or drop everything they are doing to come help others find the general goods vendor in Brill. By the same token, if you ask for a lot of generosity and assistance from fellow guild members, reciprocate in kind.

Guild Obligations 
We believe that a guild should be there to help its members. The guild will do our best to provide:
1. A friendly and fun environment where you can meet like-minded people who want to enjoy all the aspects of WoW.
2. Forums and other means of communication, including Vent or similar voice communications.
3. A defined guild purpose for roleplay that is non-constrictive enough to allow for a lot of individualization.
4. Roleplay opportunities on the forums and in the game.
5. Regularly-scheduled events (‘current dungeon’ raids, also RP) as well as room for individuals to schedule events.
6. A guild bank and tabard.
7. Resources, advice, community, and whatever else we are able to offer.

You get out of the guild what you put into it. If you want organized player-vs-player (PvP), organize a PvP event and put it on the calendar. If you want to run an instance or raid an ‘old content’ dungeon, organize it and put it on the calendar. The guild is a resource and a source of companionship. Have a need? Speak up and organize it.


All policies posted on this site are considered part of a “living document.” We reserve the right to modify it at any time. In areas not covered in the policies, decisions and rules will be addressed by guild leadership as needs arise.



An active member:
1. maintains a minimum activity level of one month
If you need to leave for an extended period of time, communicate this to the guild via the forums so that your rank can be adjusted to reflect your status on hiatus and so you will not be removed for inactivity and lack of communication. Members who fail to communicate and have not been seen or heard from in more than one month will be removed from the guild.

See the Readmission section for information on being readmitted to the guild.

2. attends guild events
You need not attend every event, but as an active member, you should be doing things with your members.

3. interacts with other members
Please use Guildchat (in-character (IC) communication) – greet other members, help out when you can, give other members a chance to get to know you.

While we are serious about the game, we do have real life (RL) obligations and recognize that others do, too. We hold that RL responsibilities and functions come first. We do ask that you maintain a minimum level of involvement when at all possible, and just let us know if you need to be away for an extended period of time.

We are a casual guild, so we do not impose strict activity requirements. However, if you disappear without notice and weeks go by, you will probably be demoted or removed. Typically, inactive characters (whether mains or alts) are kicked from the guild after 1-2 months of inactivity. They are removed from site membership after 2-3 months. We will attempt to contact you when we remove characters. If you are removed for inactivity, you are welcome to rejoin at any time. Please give advance notice if you are planning a long sabbatical from the game.

Circumstances under which we will NOT consider readmission include removal for repeated violations of policy or if you decide to take your leave of the guild in a fit of drama and poor sportsmanship. If you have left the guild amicably (this includes removal for inactivity), you may apply for re-admission by speaking with someone of Curator or higher rank.


All members are expected to:
1. conduct themselves in a mature and pleasant manner at all times
When you wear the guild tag, you represent all members of the guild. We are all here enjoying a game, not slaving away in a mine, so we expect a measure of maturity and perspective. While everyone is prone to the occasional swear word or outburst of crude humor, it should be restrained to the friendly confines of private chat (guild, our out-of-character (OOC) channel,, party, etc.), as opposed to something offensive like all caps in the trade channel. As with all things that are fun and bad for you, it should also not be excessive. If someone is offended, it needs to stop immediately.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, and other blatantly intolerant behaviors are not acceptable. Just as members have an obligation to limit their offensive content, they also have an obligation to quietly let the individual or guild leaders know if they find something offensive so an attempt can be made to address the issue in a mature and drama-free manner.

Our guild is a community of adults who might or might not get along as individuals – that’s where maturity part comes in. Everyone is expected to take responsibility for their actions, and act like grown-ups when having disagreements or differences of view from others within the group.

See the Disputes & Disciplinary Action section for how to handle disagreements between members.

2. treat all others, regardless of affiliation, with respect and courtesy, and represent the guild with good social etiquette at all times
Being a member of the guild is a privilege, not a right or requirement. When you wear the guild name beneath yours, you become a public representative of our values and our community. Please ensure your actions and interactions with others, both within and outside the guild, always reflect the mature, respectful, and polite conduct that we expect from our members.

And please consider the topics and tone of your conversation. If an average person would be offended or made uncomfortable, then you need to remove an extended conversation of this sort to a more private setting (party chat or tells).

We do not tolerate:
-Griefing or harassment of any type. This includes your faction and the opposing faction. PvP with some class.
-Drama. If you can’t let go of the drama or communicate in a mature, open-minded manner, we are not the guild for you. If you have a problem with something, take it up with guild leadership or the individual via private channels.
-Ninja looting, kill stealing, or asshattery.
-Hacking, bots, exploiting, illegal mods, or other forms of cheating.
-Any other violations of the Blizzard Terms of Service.

Things discussed in guild chat and member-only forums are considered private unless otherwise stated.

Helpful Links
Party Etiquette (http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/partyrules.html)
Tips on Being Nice (http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/benice.html)

Disputes & Disciplinary Action

We do not have public arguments, nor engage in flaming or personal attacks – in person, in forums, over guild chat, or in any other way.

If you have a dispute with someone, take it to that person and respectfully try to reach a resolution. If you are unable to do that, then bring the matter to the attention of the guild leaders and we’ll decide what action to take on a case by case basis. Once a resolution has been reached, you must abide by that resolution, or you will be asked to leave.

We aim to be a skilled, casual 10-person raiding guild and to keep our membership small to cultivate that goal.

We aim to provide an avenue for people to enjoy a coordinated team to overcome raiding challenges along with meaningful and fun roleplaying. We hope to provide a fast-paced raiding environment in which we avoid a lot of unnecessary breaks, but we aren’t too serious either.

We have no set raid-attendance policy as we understand and appreciate that real life comes first. However, if you have signed up for a raid, you are expected to make every effort to attend it. And if you cannot make it, let us know as soon as possible. No one is required to attend every raid, or even any raid if you don’t want to raid. You will not be penalized or pressured because you cannot make a night. However, there will be a penalty if there are repeated unexplained absences for raids for which you have signed up.

Loot Rules
For guild-led raids, the priority is Main/Main Spec > Alt/Main Spec > Main & Alt / Off Spec > Roleplay (RP) > Disenchant (DE). And please don’t be greedy.
Priority for Mp5 gear is given to healers before dps casters.
Priority for spell hit gear is given to dps casters before healers.
Priority for an armor type is given to those characters for whom it is their main or only armor type, for example cloth to cloth-only wearers before druids, leather to druids before shaman, mail to shaman before paladins.

Detailed description:
1. Players who can use the item as an upgrade for their main spec (defined in advance, which may or may not be the spec they are using in that particular fight) have priority and roll on it (/roll100).
2. If it isn’t a clear upgrade, players attending on an alt who can use the item as an upgrade for that character’s main spec roll on it.
3. Players who can use it for an alternate spec roll on it.
4. If no one can use it, players who want the item for RP roll on it.
5. If no one wants it, we disenchant it and the shards go to the guild bank.

For non-guild led raids:
Agree to looting terms prior to adventuring and please represent the guild with integrity.

For 5-person instances:
1. If your group contains players outside of the guild, agree to looting terms prior to adventuring.
2. If your group contains only players from the guild, follow these rules:
-For the most part, all party members should be rolling greed, or passing on items.
-Only roll need if YOU -NOT a friend, NOT an alt- truly need the item for your own use, not for selling. It is also nice, if not strictly necessary, to state your intention before rolling need.
-Roll randoms (/roll100) on chests, herbs, veins, and other items that others might want.


Engaging in player-vs-player (PvP) activities is completely optional, at the preference of the player. If you participate in such activities, you are expected to follow the guild’s policies for conduct and behave as a good sportsman at all times.”

We encourage a roleplay (RP) atmosphere among our members through in-character (IC) interaction wherever we find ourselves together and in guild chat. Expect to see RP events alongside our raid schedules, but the RP will be light and the events optional for attendance.

Moon Guard is a RP server. As such, we expect you to follow Blizzard’s Roleplaying Policy (http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_US&articleId=20458), including naming rules. All members are expected to respect and encourage those who wish to RP. Mocking or harassing RPers is not permitted.

This is a light RP guild. Characters involved with the guild should have some sort of a personality, motivation, and character concept of their own. You need not write long stories or an in-depth backstory, but you should have a general idea of your character’s personality and be prepared to act as that character when engaging in public roleplay. If you wish to write long stories or an in-depth backstory, please do so. We have fun telling our individual stories and reading others’.

If you are new to RP, we welcome you. Please follow the RP rules. We are not RP elitists and are certainly willing to help give guidance about character motivations, lore, or any other RP questions. We believe RP should be fun and add to the enjoyment of the game experience. We recognize that there are times when it is okay to talk out of character (OOC) and enjoy getting to know the player behind the character.

Roleplay & Communications
1. All /say, /yell, and /emote should be IC.
Use these to help express your characters’ personalities. If you must talk OOC, use of ((double brackets)) to denote OOC is standard conduct, but try to keep OOC talk in IC venues to the absolute minimum.

2. /tell may be IC or OOC.

3. /general or /trade channels may be IC or OOC.
It is nice if you attempt to be IC in /trade. We encourage members to use /trade only for its purpose and not OOC chat.

4. /bg, /raid, and /party are traditionally OOC, through common usage.
If you want to RP during these times, try using /say for IC while saving /party for OOC strategy and discussion of game mechanics. Please do not try to RP during battles unless you can do so without wiping or hindering the group. If your RP concept is pacifistic or cowardly, save it for your solo adventures. If you like to stay in character, speech macros are your friend. Ventrilo is always OOC. Even though /bg is OOC, please avoid dewdspeak and “smack talk.” Ranting about how the bg group sucks and other such behavior shows poor sportsmanshipand reflects poorly on the guild.

5. When partied with others from outside the guild who are clearly making an effort to stay IC without hindering the group, make an effort of your own to encourage and/or participate.

Helpful Links
Guide to RP (http://www.wowwiki.com/Guide_to_roleplaying)
Lore (http://www.wowwiki.com/Lore)